As per BMDC rules, the department of Pathology offers 270 hours course during two years (one & half years to three & half years of five years MBBS course) following the first professional MBBS examination that is existing.

As per new rule of BMDC, study of Pathology will start in 3rd phase, the comprehensive course will continue for one (1) year with 100 hours lecture classes, 100 hours tutorials and 28 hours practical classes. The total teaching hours are 228 hours. The course will be evaluated by 3rd Professional Examination.


General Objective:

The medical graduate is to provide comprehensive knowledge of the cause and mechanism of disease, in order to enable them to achieve complete understanding of the clinical manifestation and natural history of the disease.

Specific Objective:

After completion of Pathology course, undergraduate medical students will be able to:

  • Explain basic mechanism of diseases: Etiology, Pathogenesis, Morphological changes with emphasis on common diseases prevalent in Bangladesh.
  • Co-relate between clinical findings and pathological changes.
  • Chalk out simple investigation plan for diagnosis and follow up of diseases.
  • Interpret laboratory results and understand their implication.
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the use of Histopathology, FNAC, Cytological
  • examination, Pap smear, Frozen section and Immuno-histochemistry.
  • Develop attitude for further learning of the subject.
  • Develop skills to perform TC, DC, Eosinophil count, estimation of Hb% and ESR
  • Semen analysis.
  • Routine examination of Urine.
  • Microscopic examination of body fluids
  • CSF examination
  • Writing a requisition form for histo-pathological and cytological examination.


Pathology is a bridging discipline involving both basic science and clinical practice and is devoted to the study of the structural and functional changes in cells, tissues and organs in diseases. Department of Pathology offers training to the medical cadets of 3rd phase of MBBS course. The medical cadets of 4th phase MBBS course will also be involved in the clinic pathological conferences for continued learning of the subject. The main objective of the department is to acquaint the medical students with etiology and pathology of the diseases. This will enable them to formulate and interpret laboratory investigations and to stimulate a scientific procedure of ‘Thinking’ on the pathogenesis of diseases. Total allocation of teaching hours for the subject is 200 hours, out of which 100 hours for theoretical lectures, 30 hours for tutorial, 50 hour for practical and 20 hours for clinical case report