At present the department offers 2 years undergraduate course in Pharmacology following First Professional MBBS Examination as recommended by the Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) curriculum of 2002. Course starts in the 2nd phase of MBBS course to continue for two years with 210 teaching hours consisting of lectures, tutorials, practical classes, clinical case studies & presentation and evaluation. The course is evaluated by in-course item examinations, End-Term Assessment Examinations following completion each of first three terms followed by a Final Comprehensive Assessment Examinations after completion of fourth term that prepares the students for 2nd Professional MBBS Examination of Dhaka University for summative assessment.

According to updated BM&DC curriculum of 2012 which is applicable for IM 13 & subsequent batches, department will offer 1(one) year undergraduate course in the 3rd phase of MBBS course following 2nd Professional MBBS Examination. Course will be completed in 2 (two) terms with 200 teaching hours consisting of lectures, tutorials, practical, clinical case reporting and evaluation. The course will be evaluated by in-course item examinations, End-Term Assessment and Final Comprehensive Assessment Examinations to prepare the students for 3rd Professional MBBS Examination of Dhaka University for summative assessment.


General Objective:

To provide a need based integrated basic Pharmacology for a safe and effective prescribing’ Course so that the students on graduation will acquire adequate knowledge and understanding about drugs, skill to prescribe rationally, attitude for continuous self learning and to develop appropriate communication with the patients.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of the course of the students will be competent to:

  • describe the pharmacological effects, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetic characteristics and adverse reactions of drugs in order to be able to prescribe effectively with safety.
  • describe the basic principles and concepts considered essential for rational (effective, safe, suitable and economic) prescribing and use of medicines in clinical practice.
  • understand the principles of rational prescribing and the basis of utilizing the principles of rational evaluation of therapeutic alternatives.
  • recognize, manage and report the adverse drug reactions (ADR), and drug interactions.
  • identify and assess objectively the drug information sources.
  • state the Essential drug list and the principles underlying the Concept of Essential Drugs, and apply them in community oriented health care delivery service.
  • recognize the implications of poly pharmacy and other means of irrational prescribing, identify influences favoring irrational prescribing and develop means to resist them.
  • evaluate the ethical and legal issues involved in drug prescribing, development, manufacture and marketing.
  • acquire methods of learning needed for evaluation of existing and new drugs and to follow trends and approaches in pharmacological research.
  • develop attitude for continuous self learning, self assessment and professional development throughout the whole of their practicing life.


Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics imparts training to the medical cadets of 3rd phase of MBBS course. The main objective of the department is to teach medical cadets about detail knowledge of history, source, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics of the drugs and their interactions. Medical cadets are also engaged to acquire therapeutic knowledge during placement in different wards of the hospital. One year Pharmacology course items are divided into two terms. Total allocation of teaching hours for the subjects is 200 hours. Out of which100 hours for theoretical lectures, 30 hours for tutorial classes, 50 hours for practical/demonstration classes and the rest 20 hours for clinical case report/assignment with presentation. Besides, students of 3rd phase of MBBS course are allowed to remain present in different wksps/seminars related to drug. Visits to different well reputed pharmaceutical companies are arranged for their practical knowledge medicine.