1. Visiting hours are limited to weekly and government holidays.Visiting hours on Friday (between0900hrs-1200hrs.), Saturday andgovernment holidays (between 1400hrs-1800 hrs).
  2. No visitors will be allowed to visit except visiting days.
  3. Preregistered family members (father, mother, brother, sister, local guardian and any 1stdegree blood relatives) are only allowed to visit/meet the medical cadets.
  4. No other female visitors except mother/aunts/sisters will be allowed for male cadets.
  5. Before entering to the cantonment visitors are requested to furnish their details at the Military check post and then proceed for the visit.
  6. Particulars of the authorized visitors of the medical cadets will be maintained at every military check post of the cantonment.
  7. Every visitors must endorse his/her visit in the visiting register kept in the dormitory/office.
  8. Visitors will visit medical cadets at the specified guest room/office /canteen.
  9. Visitors are not allowed to walk/visit surrounding area of dormitory/cantonment.
  10. Smoking is strictly forbidden during visit.
  11. Every medical cadet must be properly dressed while meeting their guests.
  12. Every visitors is requested to maintain the sanctity of the college/ cantonment during visit.
  13. Parents are requested to deposit details of their authorized visitors(blood connection) and photographs during their first visit.
  14. Parents are encouraged to forward their comments, suggestion or any complain through the official mailing address of the college ( or through the web-mail of college web portal(